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Monstera & Philodendron compost mix

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This is blend combines the perfect levels of chunky aeration with medium moisture retention. Our Coarse elements of Bark, Zeolite, Pumice and Perlite mean there are plenty of air chambers in the mix perfectly suited to the medium/thick roots of Monstera and Philodendron. As tropical plants they do prefer medium moisture retention in our homes, meaning the mix will stay lightly moist for about a little over a week, and will slowly dry off to allow your plant time to get used to a short dry period before re-watering.

What Monstera and Philodendron want from their soil mix:
The one important rule for a Monstera and Philodendron soil is that they want a chunky mix. A good soil for these plants provides plenty of aggregate and bark for roots to crawl around as they grow. The mixture should retain moisture evenly through the pot and dry out steadily in a medium period of time (1.5 - 2 weeks) whilst also being very well draining. These plants like moisture but not muddy soil. The aggregates in our blend help create a loose mix which avoids dense soil conditions which leads to root rot.  Monstera and Philodendron also do not mind being left in dry substrates for medium amounts of time (1 - 1.5 weeks in bone dry soil). However if left for too long in dry soil their roots can wilt and become non-functional,  increasing risk of root rot after the next watering. As Monstera and Philodendron are very susceptible to root rot, we have provided multiple levels of protection against accidentally overwatering. 

As with all of our Premium mixes a population of positive bacteria, mycelium and microfauna is present in the substrate to create the potted ecosystem which keeps your plant healthy! Enough nutrients for the first 2 months of growth is also in every bag along with our specialist nutrient storage component, Zeolite.

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